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iTroll used by winners of the 2016 World Walleye Championship!

***** NEW! - iTroll Video Library *****

Download HUNT Mode tutorial. Pages 4 & 5 also describe how HUNT Mode works!

Designed by a Fisherman FOR Fishermen.
Where is iTroll Made?

  January 2015: Introducing iTroll G2 (Generation 2)!
  - Introducing DRAG Mode
  - New remote Idle / Run switch capability
  - Enhanced HUNT Mode:
       Eight HUNT programs in memory (up from six)
       On screen prompts helps you master HUNT Mode in record time!
  - Download full details:

Download iTroll information:

See iTroll's unmatched capabilities!

 Owner's Manual - OS5.2

 Quick Reference Guide - OS5.2
      Note: This document is waterproof (laminated) for in boat use when packaged with iTroll.

Installation Instructions - Electronics & Interfaces:

 Electronics Package

 Neutral Safety Interface

Installation Instuctions - Fit Kits:

 E1 Fit Kit

 H1 Fit Kit

 M1 Fit Kit

 M2 Fit Kit

 M3 Fit Kit

 S1 Fit Kit

 T1 Fit Kit

 Y1 Fit Kit

 Y2R Fit Kit

 Y3 Fit Kit

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iTroll inquiries: iTroll4Fishing@iTroll.us

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